Life in Florence

The program that Pitt’s GBI Florence is through is a program called CAPA. I really love it so far, but it is a little different then Pitt. The classes are very small which I have never had at Pitt. My first class has 6 people in it, and my second class has 18 people in it. I have already developed personal relationships with both of my professors which I haven’t experienced yet at Pitt due to the size of my classes. The CAPA center is close to the middle of the city center, so it is close to a lot of cool stuff and places. The culture is very different than what I’m used to, but I am not complaining. I really enjoy how late Italians eat and how slow paced everything is here. I really enjoy food, so their value of their love for food is very interesting to me. 

What I like most about this school is that there are a lot of other students here that don’t go to Pitt. I have met so many awesome people from all across the country! I take two classes in Florence. My first one is Introduction to drawing and my second one is Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: Florence. I really like these combinations of classes because my drawing class is really laid back while my Analyzing class is more intense but fun. All of my classes are in one building similar to business classes in Sennott Square. The only key difference between the classes is the length. Each class is 2.5 hours, which can be very hard at times. I am not used to sitting and learning for so long, so it was a struggle for me to pay attention at first. 

Unlike all of the other students in the program, we live a little outside of the “city center” of Florence. It is interesting to live a little bit away from all the chaos and to be with more locals. I live with 6 other people in a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath apartment. I was very worried and nervous at first because I had never had to share a room or a bathroom before. My roommates and I get along great, so their hasn’t been a single problem yet! There are a few challenges that I have faced so far, but nothing too major. They don’t have air conditioning in Florence, so the 95-degree days can make the apartment very hot. There is also no drying machines in the city, so it has been challenging navigating with my roommates who can do laundry when due to the lack of drying racks in the apartment. I can’t believe my time in Florence is already coming to an end, but I can’t wait to see everything that is still in store for me while abroad.