Adjusting, Adapting, and Reflecting

As I’ve mentioned before, I am currently in London studying as a part of Pitt’s Global Business Institute: International Business Issues (London Summer 2022) program. CAPA is Pitt’s partner in this program. I am staying in the Islington Borough of London. I am perfectly in between the Angel and Old Street tube stations, though I spend most of my time closer to Angel. As I’m sure many others in Ability Towers have discovered, there is a canal right across the street from us with a beautiful view. I find it very peaceful to take walks over there and around our neighborhood, especially as we near the sunset when the weather reaches a comfortable temperature.

Speaking of Ability Towers, I am living in a flat with four other girls. One is my friend Taylor, who also goes to Pitt. Two are from Dayton, and one is from CU Boulder. It has been awesome getting to know these four girls so well and I am very lucky to have them as my roommates. The picture for this post is the five of us at Tower of London! Adapting to a flat-style living situation has not been too difficult for me. I live in a two person apartment in Pittsburgh, so I am quite used to sharing a small space with someone else. However it definitely can be a struggle having five girls all in one space, especially when cooking and laundry comes into play. It’s also challenging to get alone time. I often find it difficult to make phone calls from the flat or even just watch netflix as there is always noise in the background. This has just pushed me to explore London further, though, which is a great thing. 

I have been well adjusted on this program into my new city partially because of my internship, despite it being in one of the Northernmost parts of London. I have learned so much at my internship at Green & Peter Accountants. I have also learned a lot about cultural intelligence from working in the UK and from my coworkers. Though I will not be pursuing a career in tax, which is their specialty, this internship has provided me many great opportunities to learn and many rewarding experiences.

Since one of my two classes is instructed by Pitt Professor Shannon Garavaglia, whom I had last semester, I find it very comfortable here. It feels like I have just moved a piece of home to another city. On the other hand, my internship class taught by a CAPA instructor took some more adjustment. While I don’t know everybody in my classes at Pitt, I recognize most of the same students in multiple classes with me. Here at CAPA, I don’t know anybody besides fellow Pitt students. This was a bit nerve-wracking in the beginning, but I believe I’ve gotten used to it. Overall, the classes are pretty similar to those back at Pitt, but there are other differences I have found. CAPA is much different than Pitt and how things are run. While it is more accessible to drop into advising appointments at CAPA, I find that things are run a bit smoother at Pitt. I am very grateful for my academic advisor at Pitt that is always available to me and is always willing to help or connect me with someone else who can provide help.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to live and learn in London this summer. I cannot say that enough. Despite some tough days and encounters, this summer has been one of the best of my life.

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