A Hot Week in London!

Temperatures hit a high of 92 degrees Fahrenheit this past week!

I’ve heard from multiple Londoners that the weather isn’t normally like this. It’s usually cloudy and rainy, which reminds me of home. The nice weather in the middle of the trip is refreshing to have as I can unwind in the sun. Bringing my blanket with snacks and getting some work done at one of the parks around London has been one of my favorite things to do. As it is still our summer break, I like to enjoy the heat and sun while I can. The atmosphere at the parks is unlike anything I’ve seen before. There are people in business clothes sitting in groups under trees talking. People are on their laptops hard at work. Some are reading while others are simply laying and soaking in the sun. I’ve even seen people boxing in the park! Wherever I seem to look, people are doing different types of activities. That’s what seems to be the most interesting thing about London is that people take advantage of their free time to do whatever it is to make them happy. Everyone here is unique in their own ways and really represents the culture all over London.

Friday was the hottest day of the week, so my friends and I went to a pond located in Hampstead Heath’s Park. At this park, they had public ponds for just men, just women, and a mix. I thought this was odd to see but a smart idea as some people may not feel comfortable in a mixed swimming area in their bathing suits. We wanted to try out the girls-only pond but got lost on our way and ended up settling at the mixed pond. We got to go into the water with ducks and geese which is unlike any swimming pond or lake I’ve been to near Pittsburgh.

As our trip is coming to the last couple of weekends, we did some more sightseeing that was on our list. Unfortunately, the weekend was rainy and cold but that didn’t stop us from exploring. My flatmates and I all wanted to take a day trip to Oxford, so we ended up taking a coach bus early in the morning Saturday and got back later that night. We saw numerous colleges including the famous Oxford University. We did the castle and prison tour along with some local food eating and afternoon tea. On Sunday my friend, Mary, and I went to visit the Hampton Court Palace. It is in the Borough of Richmond, about an hour from the center of London. Hampton Court Palace is one of the 6 famous palaces to visit while in London. This palace is known for its beautiful gardens and landscape as well as the history that lives through the walls of the palace. Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London must be one of my favorite sites in London as the architecture is breathtaking and the history is a must while in England.

We only have a couple more items on our list to visit while in London, so do make sure you read next week’s blog!

Hampton Court Palace

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