Week 5 Blog Post

This past week I decided to spend more time site seeing. I am coming to the realization that my time in this country is running low and I feel as if I have not done the best job doing site seeing. I want to make sure when I go home that I am happy with the time I spent appreciating where I was. Over the weekend I went to the Churchill War Rooms, this was the main bunker where Prime Minister Winston Churchill commanded the Royal British forces. Although the Price was pretty steep to get in, around thirty dollars US, it was likely my favorite place I have seen so far. When you walk into the exhibit you first see the main meeting room for Churchills cabinet. The room was set as if it was five minutes before the next meeting in October 1942. As you walk deeper and deeper into the bunker you get the chance to see artifacts like the noiseless typewriters that Churchill had special made because he hated the noise of classic typewriters. To me my favorite part was seeing the intercontinental telephone that was used to phone over to America and communicate with FDR. After the main bunker you are led into the Churchill Museum, which held artifacts from all during his life. I got to see his original military outfit, pocket watch and ash tray for his famous cigar usage. Watching the footage of his funeral was incredibly moving and it truly showed how much he meant to not only the British people, but to the world. His funeral was the one and only time the Queen went to a commoner’s funeral. 

            After I left the war rooms, I decided that rather than spending the travel back to my apartment underground on the tube I would walk around with my mom on facetime and show he places like Buckingham Palace, the statute of Queen Victoria, Big Ben, and the London eye. She has always wanted to come out and visit London as she is a big consumer of British media for reasons I cannot explain. I also took some time to go and shop for gifts for my family. At the war rooms I got my mom and sister a puzzle of a Spitfire because they love doing puzzles when we are at the beach house, I also got my mug with a picture of Churchill on it. I am still looking for things to get my brother and dad, but I have not come up with anything yet. I plan on doing much more site seeing in my last week-and-a-half I have plans to go on the Eye and tour more museums. I also really enjoyed just walking around and taking in where I actually am and appreciating all the history that is around me. One thing I am really looking forward to is going to see abandoned tube stations, one of which has an old 1950’s stock train in it.