Week 5 Blog Post

Vincent DiMartino

London is an amazing city, as there is so much to do. Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the houses of Parliament are all in one centralized area. It is a really amazing site to see. All of the buildings are so grand and just absolutely stunning. Buckingham Palace was also very beautiful, as was St. Paul’s Cathedral. All of the main tourist attractions are great, however one of my favorite spots to go to is Covent Garden. While still touristy in its own right, it is still very nice. There are a bunch of small shops and restaurants, it is a really great experience to walk through the different stores and see what they have. The food has also been great. I also got a chance to see the Churchill War Rooms. I really like history and was really glad to be able to tour such an important place during the Second World War. London has so many beautiful buildings and places, and such an impressive history. It is a city that I am very glad that I was able to live in for weeks. However, I love the opportunity to escape and visit other parts of Europe.

Last weekend, I visited Milan, which was absolutely amazing. Everything was so stunning, from the churches, to the streets, to the people. The Duomo di Milano is the biggest and most famous church in the city, and it is absolutely stunning. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. There is so much art and history in the city, it really is amazing. There is also so much high end shopping, it was really fun just to walk past the windows of these amazing stores. The food was also absolutely amazing; everything was so fresh and authentic. The pasta and pizza was to die for. To be able to have this experience is something that I will never forget. 

This whole study abroad program is a once in a lifetime experience. This program has given me the chance to travel around Europe and have brand new experiences that I could never imagine.