Weekend in Budapest

This past week was crazy and eventful for me. Since the day I stepped into the ImpactHub Berlin office they had been prepping us for our opening party which took place on Friday the 24th of June. We transformed our office into a beautiful space where dozens of speakers came from across Germany and Europe to discuss how their work in building a more sustainable future. In preparation for the event we had the majority of the office work from home the week of in order to reduce the chances of COVID-19 infecting us before the event, so the days leading up to Friday were fairly uneventful. On Friday we were in a mad dash to get the office space transformed for the event. I was tasked with many of the more laborious tasks. For example, on Friday morning I spent most of my time outside with one of our carpenters working on fixing our stairs and installing an automatic wheelchair lift in case any of our guests needed it. Although this sort of physical labor was not what I was expecting to do when I got to work on Friday I enjoyed being outside in the sun and getting to know someone that I typically do not get to spend time with very often.

              When the event began me and the other interns were stationed outside checking tickets directing guests on where to go. Since this was a very time fluid event, I was not able to watch any of the speakers because I was outside most of the show. I was able to make it inside for the last few minutes and the entire ImpactHub Berlin team was invited on stage, and we were all given a standing ovation at the end of the event by the crowd which was an awesome experience. After the speakers finished, I quickly went to Swuzch, which was the club/bar that the after party was being held at. Again, myself and the other interns where checking tickets to our private event. Each of us took shifts checking the tickets so we were all able to celebrate with the rest of the team at some point in the night.

              I ended up having to leave the celebration early because I had planned a trip to Budapest for the weekend and I had flight at 8am on Saturday morning. After some trouble with my ticket, I was able to make it to Budapest and meet up with the rest of IIP Berlin students who had arrived the day before me. Saturday, we explored the city and did some shopping because clothes and other goods were significantly cheaper in Hungry than they are Germany. Saturday night we went to one of the ancient Roman bath houses. This a very unique experience because we happened to be in Budapest at the same time the city turns the bath house into a pool party. It was a crazy experience to be in such a beautiful ancient place during this event. It is something I do not think I will ever be able to experience again in my life.

              On Sunday we did some exploring around the city. We went to the Parliament building and got to see how beautiful it was. We also went out to dinner as group and got traditional Hungarian stew before taking a night cruise on the river and getting a different view of the city. This was a wonderful trip and Budapest is a city I would like to visit again.

              In regard to the skills, I am learning through my work, I can confidently say that I am improving my organizational skills a lot. I have always been a very go with the flow type of person and in some aspects of my life that has been beneficial, but I often found myself losing track of time and cutting deadlines close. As I mentioned in my paper earlier ImpactHub Berlin is growing fast and there is a lot going on so it is paramount that I stay organized. I know have a very neat calendar that I keep and look at every single day to make sure I stay on track. As far as hard skills go, I am becoming very familiar with the Sales Navigator software from Linkedin. I spend most of my days using this to find leads and then transferring those into our CRM software called Hubspot. I would say those are the two hard skills that I have developed the most. Finally I feel as though my global competencies have increased a lot too. Now that I fully understand the social culture of Germany I am able to better navigate myself through the workplace. I also feel as though it has been beneficial to learn what Europeans think about American culture. This has helped me understand what aspects of our culture they find strange and what aspects they appreciate. This has helped me assimilate better into the culture.