My Outlook on Leadership

Benji Gluzman

Professor Koller

International Internship Berlin Summer 2022

June 27th, 2022

Being six weeks into this program is almost unfathomable to me, but speaking on this week it has been one of if not the most enjoyable/memorable one since I’ve been here.  This weekend most of my group visited Budapest which was amazing, as the city was historic, beautiful, and was filled with character.  The highlight from the trip was visiting the thermal bathhouse/pool one night, as it was essentially a club but in a heated pool which was really fun.  We also took a nighttime boat cruise which was super scenic and showed some of the amazing structures Budapest has, and the food was really good as well.  This was my big trip planned with our group, and it was absolutely worthwhile.  It was interesting noting the cultural differences between Budapest and Berlin.  The city had a bit more of a laid back approach compared to Berlin, as is places such as the Jewish district it was normal to walk in the night or jaywalk, but in Berlin you rarely see such things happen.  I found the people to be friendlier as well, as I was often kindly greeted at restaurants among other public places.  Speaking on my work at plista, things have been picking up as of late.  We attended the Greentech Festival as a company which the marketing and communications department did a lot of preparation for, so it was exciting see things go well at the event and our marketing approach generating leads.  This week I am also working on a company-wide excel sheet which contains our content strategy and calendar for the remainder of 2022.  The purpose is to create a document that is easy and accessible for all departments, as marketing in some ways involves every department, and I am excited to see the results from this project of mine.  I am also helping schedule the month of July for our social media accounts, which is fun but also requires a lot of thinking behind the posts we create.  

Ruins Bars in Budapest

When describing my leadership style I would consider myself as someone who is not afraid to take charge, but typically lets someone else do so when making group decisions.  Over the years I have become much better at making quick decisions and sticking to them, as I would rather make a decision and learn from the results instead of giving much contemplation before taking action, especially when it comes to smaller decisions.  During this internship abroad I have been challenged in making daily decisions in the workplace, which is something I had no experience with prior to this trip.  Working at plista has given me a lot of freedom in how I complete my tasks, so this comes with a lot of decision making on my own which has been really enjoyable.  Generally speaking my bosses are happy with my work so I’d like to think I’m making smart decisions in carrying out my tasks, but I also think there is always room for improvement. 

Club in Budapest

Throughout this internship I would say I have learned a new approach to leadership, from both the perspective of an employee and a CEO/boss.  As an employee, I feel leadership has a lot to do with taking action, and in order to make a name for yourself at a company you cannot be afraid to make decisions on your own and take initiative not only in your daily tasks, but also stepping up to projects or tasks that may be outside of your comfort zone.  This is different for a CEO however, as there is a lot more to being a leader than simply taking action and learning from the results.  A CEO is someone who truly represents and leads a company, and with that you have to possess multiple traits in order to be a great CEO.  I believe some of these traits include passion in the company, compassion towards employees, forward-thinking, adaptableness, patience, and being calm.  A CEO needs to understand that their employees may not be as enthusiastic about the company and should therefore portray their passion towards their employees.  There also has to be a level of compassion, as not everyone is perfect and some employees take more time to develop than others, whether people are struggling through their work or things outside of the workplace.  At the end of the day we are all people, and everyone has something going on that is troublesome to them and leaders need to understand this.  CEOs of course need to be forward-thinking when leading, as they instill the future of their company and spread such thinking through their employees almost like a snowball effect.  With all this in mind, I am becoming a better leader through the observation of my colleagues at my workplace, and understanding what traits a leader must have to keep their followers or team afloat.  It may not be a direct implementation on my end as I am still very early in my career and haven’t even graduated college, but these are things I can at least attempt to instill within myself and carry forward as I continue to develop both personally and professionally.

Street in Budapest