Cheers, London

After living in London for just six weeks, I have grown immeasurable personally, academically, and most of all, professionally.

My internship in London was with Rainbow, an office furniture supplier, and this was my first experience working in an office. My only prior internship experience was completed 100% virtually so I did all of my work sitting at my desk in my own room. But, with Rainbow, I was working in an office environment, in and around others who all had their own role within the company.

And I took away a lot of different lessons after working in an office environment for the first time. One thing that I learned is that you need to be prepared to address any possible problem that could happen regarding a client. For example, one day at work I accompanied my coworker, Matt, to an installation for one of his clients. After months of planning, his client was finally getting his furniture. And, to no fault of Matt, a big problem occurred. The color of the desk chairs that arrived was not what he ordered. They were supposed to match the other seating in the office, but they showed up as a much lighter gray color. Matt instantly recognized the error and got on the phone with the manufacturer so that they could make the situation right.

A picture I took of the installation at the office.

This situation showed me that you need to recognize anything that could go wrong, whether they are in or out of your control. Matt told me that a lot of people in the industry may not show up to the installation and that they would just let the workers handle it. If he had the same mentality, this mistake could’ve easily been ignored.

This program has also facilitated many of my transferable skills, primarily communication. Throughout my time in London, I had to be on top of communicating with my professors and supervisor to make sure that we were all on the same page. This could have been because of problems caused by the tube strike, questions I had on assignments, or confirmation on one of my internship projects. My growth with communication will be incredibly important as I continue to develop as a professional. It is crucial in any work environment to be able to talk to and understand what others around you are

I would also like to give everyone from Rainbow a quick thank you as they played a huge part in making my trip so special.