Welcome to Scotland

I have done so many wonderful things in Ireland, from the countryside to the heart of Dublin I have had a blast everywhere I went. This past weekend I ventured out with almost my whole flat to Edinboro Scotland. I have a close relative who goes to school in Scotland and gave me some must-sees before I leave. I had an incredible time and fell in love with the city. Don’t know if I’ve ever truly considered moving abroad because of the cultural difference, the language barrier even within the English language, and honestly dislike of Americans. Edinburgh may have just changed my mind. The city itself is absolutely stunning with its medieval architecture and rustic charm.  Everyone I met from security at the airport and two little shopkeepers were so excited to talk to me and so friendly and happy. It is an environment I have never experienced before. I did several things I wanted to do before I left such as seeing the elephant house and the graveyard where J. K. Rowling had her inspiration for the Harry Potter series. It was an out of body experience to look at these gravestones and imagine myself as the writer walking through picking out names that would eventually become over a $700 million empire. It was very inspiring and emotional, not to be overdramatic.  I also wanted to see the royal mile where I went on a haunted ghost tour. I don’t know if I buy into the whole stories and separate beings but it was fun to learn the cultural history of Scotland. I could’ve stayed there for weeks hiking the mountain sides, exploring the inner workings of the city, and talking to locals. Fortunately, I was able to grab some fun souvenirs for myself my family and my friends before going. I know in my heart it will not be my last time I go to Scotland.

Going back to Ireland and my internship! As I have talked about before communication is a little bit different for a remote company. As with everywhere tone and inflection is pretty difficult. How can you be sure how somebody meant something when they say it through a screen. I have not run into almost any communication problems that I can’t overcome in my normal way which is ask questions and apologize if I do something wrong and learn from the mistakes. As I said in another post as well the biggest communication gap I have found is with my coworker sense of humor but even then that was only for the two days that everyone was in person in the office. In my internship I’m currently working on a sales pitch which goes live tomorrow. I am overly excited for the results! I’ve put quite a lot of time and effort into the research, the wording, exactly what type of publications the person makes and so much more. I’ve probably worked for two and a half weeks on this and I think it’ll be an interesting representation of how sales work in a business-to-business cold pitch. 

I am so extraordinarily grateful for this experience I have learned and seen more than I ever thought I would have at this point. I am so fortunate to have traveled abroad. With this I also want to be realistic and add a sense of truth to my post because it’s not all good. I’m pretty homesick I miss my family, my friends, and my normal. I miss going to Walmart and having all of the groceries in one place instead of having to go to several just to get food supplies. Again, this is not to say that I am having a bad time or I’m in the slightest way regret coming here because that’s just not true.  I just want to acknowledge and tell anyone who may look at this post in the future that it’s ok to be a little homesick and ultimately you will get back to your normal and one day look back and be frustrated that you waste of time feeling sad in an experience that has an expiration date. I have checked off almost everything I want to do on my tourism of Ireland list! It is so interesting to look back on the pictures I have taken over the past two months and reflect on how much I’ve done and truly how long eight weeks is. I have learned so much in my internship about the workplace, sales, and marketing, my own leadership and confidence, making friends, learning about cultural history, others perceptions of the United States, and much, much more.