Time to Reflect!

As I pack and prepare to leave Berlin, I am beginning to reflect on my time in the city and at Læmon.  Overall, this has been a great experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.  As I said in my last blog, Berlin probably isn’t the city for me, but that does not mean I did not enjoy my time here.  I have made some good friends and seen and done some super exciting things.  Berlin is certainly an exotic city, with very interesting people which is something I really enjoyed as it was so drastically different.  Of course, Berlin is famous for its night life and techno music.  This is for good reason as I had so much fun in the Berlin clubs, all of them were so exotic and fun.  There was great food, great beer, and so many different things to do.  I was a big fan of the lakes as well, as they were a perfect break from the hot and long work weeks.  Living in this city has certainly changed me in many ways, as the experiences were so drastically different from what I have experienced going to college in Pittsburgh.  My experiences and views have widened as I have seen so much more living in a different city for such a long time, and I am super grateful for that.

In terms of my job, I have loved working at Læmon.  This was such an exotic job as it was at a seed-stage startup, so I was able to learn so much about how a business fuctions at such an early stage.  It was a very friendly and inclusive workplace where a ton of trust was put into the interns to make important decisions for the company, or at least have an input in these decisions which I was a big fan of.  My bosses were very smart, and very good superiors in terms of trust, sternness, yet also friendliness.  I have made friends from my co-workers, as we were able to have lunch almost every day together at the cafeteria in the building, we work in.  I have gained so much knowledge from my position here, not just about finance and spreadsheets, but about all business operations.  I was able to play a role in marketing, structuring, lots of research, and just general business operations that I’d have nothing to do with at a larger company.  So now I will be able to understand more about just how any business operates.  I am super grateful for how inclusive my bosses were with these business operations and how much trust they put in us with these important decisions.  It helped us learn so much more than we would in any normal internship.

In terms of growth, I feel like I am coming out of this program new person in so many ways.  I have had so many new experiences, met so many different people from who I would meet in Pittsburgh, and I have learned so much about finance and about developing a business.  I am hoping that what I have learned in this internship will help me be a better student when I return to Pittsburgh, and a better intern at my next internship.  I don’t expect that any of the content in my classes will be like what I have learned in my internship, but I think my greater understanding of a business will help me, as well as my motivation as now I know this is truly what I want to do in the future, so I will be more excited about the classes I am taking.  I don’t think I have developed as much professionally as I expected just due to the laid-back environment as well as the type of work I did.  This truly was a full desk job, and there was no dress code or anything in my workplace.  I never attended any meetings, events, or presentations, I only really did desk work on my computer.  I also feel like I did not need as much work on my professionalism, as I have gotten a lot of work on this during my time in Delta Sigma PI, but I needed more education about finance and business operations.  That is why this internship has been so beneficial for me. 

Overall, this program has been awesome, and I certainly am going to miss Berlin, but now it is time to head home and focus on the next steps in life, using my experiences here to help me grow and succeed!