Maximization vs. Shared Value

Cameron Golden 

I am focusing on a small business called Conshy Girls Restaurant Group. This business is comprised of two restaurants, Southern Cross Kitchen and Gypsy Saloon in Conshohocken PA. Conshy Girls Restaurant Group also  offers catering services and event spaces within their restaurants. Southern Cross Kitchen is a southern styled restaurant that gains its largest amount of revenue event hosting and most of all selling alcohol from its bar along with items from the food menu. Gypsy Saloon makes most of its revenue from its bar along with food and event hosting. 

Conshy Girls Restaurant Group has to pay attention to the amount of food bought in its orders to make sure that there is not too much or to little food. Restaurant businesses have to make sure they are not Ordering a larger amount of food than can be used before it goes bad.This business also has to focus on its hours as a way to manage its financial performance. For example, in the summer of 2021 Southern Cross Kitchen decided that they would no longer do dinners on Sunday nights in result of the slow business. Having an excess of employees is also a worry to Conshy Girls Restaurant Group. The restaurant group manages its financial performance by making sure there is not a larger amount of employees than necessary, as to not waste money. The restaurant group maximizes its financial performance outcome by reviewing possible options for the menu and studying whether it will sell, and if it  will sell enough to make a profit based off of the ingredients that will be needed for it. 

One important stakeholder of Conshy Girls Restaurant Group is the costumers. The customers are impacted by the quality of the food, drinks, and service that they are purchasing. Shared value is created between the customers and restaurant business because if the customers receive good quality food and service they are more likely to come back to the restaurant to purchase more items and are more likely to encourage other individuals to come. Another important stakeholder is the employees at the restaurants such as the servers, busers, bartenders, cooks, hostesses, ect. Shared value is created between the employees and restaurant business because the safer and healthier the work environment is the easier it is for the employees to focus on their job and the likely it is for an employee to get injured. The third important stakeholder of Conshy Girls Restaurant Group are the owners. Shared value is created between the owners and the company because the Better the company does the more money the owners get and then more money can be put into improving the business. 

Apple is an example of an organization that faces competing pressures between the need for attention to financial performance and the need to create shared value for stakeholders. Apple feels pressure from manages its financial performance by making its products more advanced, exclusive, and expensive along with creating excessive cost for things such as new chargers and more. Apple has to try and balance this pressure by  creating shared value with its customers in making sure that the costumers are satisfied with their products for such a high price.