Darts and the Tower of London

Nearing the end of my Journey in London with this week 5 adventure. For week 5 I took up a new hobby with my friends, plating darts. Our local pub, the Blackhorse has a three-dartboard set up in their upstairs bar area. Darts are very popular in London, so my roommates and I decided to give it a go this week and attempt to play some darts. There are a few variations of darts that can be undertaken but we went with the one where you start at 501 and count down based upon how many points you score, with the winner being the first down to zero. As is legal here, we can make small wagers on each darts match, so we tend to place a pint on it, with the loser paying for the next round of drinks. I have been better than my opponents in the few matches I have played, so I am currently up a few pints. The pub culture in the UK is so much different than bar culture in America. I have been in restaurants with bars, but they do not have the same charm and homey feel as pubs in the UK do. The culture in the UK also revolves around drinking casually especially with people you work with. It is common to see gatherings outside pubs once the workday is through, especially when the weather is nice. There are also no open container laws, so you can openly drink in the street without fear of a police officer giving you a ticket. When I arrive back in America, I am 21 in less than a week, so I will have a more accurate comparison to bars and pubs in the US once I reach that milestone. 

            Past pub culture, my roommates and I went and visited the Tower of London this week, where we had a great time. Our visit began with seeing the super bloom, in which they have removed the moat and added in dirt, which has subsequently been covered in wildflowers. The wildflowers are beautiful and although I sneezed a lot, they were still a sight to see. The Super bloom is put in place celebrating the queen’s platinum Jubilee in commemoration of her 70 years on the throne. Once inside the tower of London we went through and viewed the old towers where prisoners were held, viewed the old defenses which the tower had and more. My favorite part was seeing the crown Jewels. We waited in a line for about 20 minutes outside the vault where the Jewels are held, and eventually made it in. These crowns are like nothing I have ever seen before, just covered in priceless Jewels and precious metals such as gold. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any pictures inside the vault due to security reasons. My favorite of all the Crowns was King George IV’s, Queen Elizabeth’s father. His Crown was incredibly symmetrical and shrouded in gold and silver. I personally like the look of Gold and silver together, not just one by itself, so when they are combined it’s the most beautiful to me.