July 23, 2022- Ireland

I am most excited for the general Ireland portion of the program. Personally I hope to explore the city of Dublin and other surrounding areas to see how the architecture and natural beauty of the country differs to that of the United States. I really fell in love with Europe through european soccer, so I hope to see some aspects of that while I am abroad. I hope to see a stadium or see how the soccer culture differs for children in a European country where the sport is more popular than anything here in the US.

Professionally I am trying to get an understanding of what to expect when traveling aboard in the future through Pitt. Another part that will be fun to explore is learning more about business as a whole especially in other countries. Being interested in Global Management or International Business was the part of the reason I wanted to get this experience prior to college. I think the consulting project and getting familiar with how to work with a company will give me a great start for my time here at Pitt business. Not only will it give me an introduction to consulting in general but it will also help me start my resume building in college.