First Sip Brew Box

Benefits/Limitations of the Subscription Model 

This local brewery benefits from its subscription service because their business model encourages customers to make a commitment to the company, resulting in a reliable source of revenue for First Sip Brew Box. By locking customers in, First Sip Brew Box has a unique opportunity, they are able to enhance the customer experience month after month by consistently engaging with their strong customer base. On the other hand, domestic laws regarding the transfer of alcohol may complicate business for First Sip Brewery in the future as they expand into other states with different regulations.  


First Sip Brew Box’s commitment to supporting small minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses is admirable and ultimately generates commercial interest in the services the company has to offer. By establishing a strong social mission, companies like First Sip Brew Box have the opportunity to build relationships with the communities they support. On the contrary, supporting small businesses could create fiscal challenges for First Sip Brew Box. Clearly, larger retailers are able to mass produce goods at discounted rates and small businesses cannot compete with their prices.  

Unpaid Internships? 

Based on my interest in social entrepreneurship, I am incredibly interested in working with nonprofits and small businesses in the future that could be supported by the Tafel Scholarship. I hope to volunteer and build connections at nonprofits throughout Pittsburgh and hopefully secure multiple internships with these companies throughout my 4 years at Pitt.