First Sip Brew Box

What is one benefit of the subscription model for First Sip Brew Box and one limitation of the subscription model?

One benefit is that it drives repeat customers because once they subscribe and are satisfied with their experience, they will likely come back. One limitation of the subscription model is it may be hard to drive customers to initially sign up. Customers may not think they are getting a good value until they actually sign up for the Brew Box and see that it is a good value.

How does the organization’s deep commitment to supporting small business and minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses create opportunities and challenges for First Sip Brew Box?

Their commitment to supporting small businesses and and minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses creates opportunities because they are likely to gain customers who are advocates for shopping locally and supporting businesses with a strong social message. It also creates challenges because those businesses may charge a higher price for their products so that they can actually make profit.

Based on what YOU are interested in studying in the business school (i.e. marketing, finance, etc.), what level of interest do you have in doing an “unpaid” internship for a small business or not-for-profit that could be supported with  stipend from programs like the Tafel scholarship?

I have a large level of interest in doing an “unpaid” internship for a small business/not-for-profit because usually, they are smaller companies that cannot afford to pay interns, but that presents an opportunity for me to grow and learn how to help to grow a company. It will also give experience in how to deal with unique challenges that come with starting out a company and personal entrepreneur experience.