First Day in Dublin

First Day in Dublin 

One thing that stood out to me during my first day in Ireland is the sheer number of birds in the city. There are seagulls and pigeons flying around everywhere and they seem especially visible because of the relatively low height of the buildings. As I write this blog post, outside my 4th floor window is a huge flock of seagulls loudly calling to one another. 

Another noticeably unique feature of Dublin is the intense weather changes. One moment it is raining and cold, and the next it is hot and sunny. Within the first couple hours of walking around the city, I learned the importance of carrying an umbrella and sunglasses with me at all times. 

DoOrder Project 

When walking around the city, I noticed men on bikes carrying large blue backpacks speeding through the cobblestone streets. This seemingly established delivery brand may challenge DoOrder’s business model in the future.  

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