Mid-Point Meeting With DoOrder

During our client meeting with DoOrder tomorrow I will work to establish my credibility in many ways. First, I will discuss topics from past conversations and talk about my increased knowledge and thoughts in the area. Then I will discuss my deliverables and S.W.O.T of DoOrder to explain what I have been doing since we last talked to Molly and the new ideas we have for the consulting project. To establish our credibility tomorrow, our team can use the research we have found to present suggestions to the company that is backed up by facts and evidence.

Even with our client meeting being on zoom I plan to make a connection with Molly by asking her thoughts on certain research pieces or suggestions. Additionally, I plan to listen to what she has to say and create new suggestions or bend my points around what she discusses. By making points based on or off on what Molly says I hope to create a more engaging conversation. I hope to be able to weave in points from our conversion tomorrow into our final slides to exemplify our active listening.Lastly, I plan to incorporate things that I have taken notice of in Dublin that relate to DoOrder, to demonstrate how we have been thinking about the company in our short time here.