Preparing for Dinner With an Investor in DoOrder

In preparation for dinner with one of DoOrder’s investors, it’s important to think about potential differences or similarities in perspective that they may have in relation to the marketing team’s research and suggestions. Imaginable marketing subjects that may be a good fit for a person who is providing substantial financial backing to DoOrder could include how to convince investors to provide funds for expansion in social media, what social media platforms would investors be most prone to investing in, and what target audiences are investors most interested in attracting.

Some areas that the investor could possibly challenge is where and how they would invest money into social media expansion for DoOrder. Some questions investors may ask are how their money will be managed and which social media platforms will gain the majority of their funds. Investors may challenge the expansion of certain social media sights if they do not know much about the platforms. Individuals who consider investing their money into DoOrder’s social media expansion will want to see data and trends that can help predict the success their money will bring to the company.