Checking in From Vienna!

So far all of my classes have been amazing. I am taking all major classes while being here which include Responsible Consumer Behavior, Sustainable Tourism, Corporate Finance, International Macroeconomics and Marketing Analytics. They are all really great so far but very different from what I am used to in the US. 

To start, all of my lectures are only once a week for three hours a week instead of being split up into multiple smaller sections multiple times a week. They are also all for the most part taught entirely by Professors with only a few still being taught by students in their Phd. 

In general, some things that have set me up for success so far have been being prompt, paying attention to examples in class, and reading the textbook. While these all seem pretty generic, they are actually essential to my success as a student here. The examples in class are where I learn the most. They are detailed and nearly every Professor has taken the time to find and go over examples that are extremely beneficial to the material. In addition, one aspect that coincides with this is being on time for class. While this may seem obvious, every professor here is extremely punctual. Meaning the door closes as soon as the clock strikes the time of class and the class begins immediately. This is primarily used to ensure that the class time is being used effectively and efficiently as well as keeping to schedule to get through all of the material. In addition, one aspect that has helped me significantly in terms of overall material is going over the slides or textbook either before or after class. Reading the material and making sure I have an understanding either before or after the lecture itself has aided me in being able to stay organized in the course as well as remain on top of work. 

Overall however, even with an abundance of differences academically, the school culture definitely promotes academic excellence in addition to the overall importance of education. While navigating it all has been difficult some days, overall, academically the school sets you up with what you may need, and it is your responsibility to ensure your own academic productivity. Vienna University of Economics and Business is an amazing option for study abroad or exchange especially if one is keen on academic culture and likes to work with students from all over the world.