One Month in Florence So Far!

Wow… a month in Europe so far. You could say I’m tired but the adrenaline and rush that comes with exploring each new thing keeps me wanting more.

Florence is quite an interesting place, not at all what I expected. With only 4 classes (a total of 13 credits) I have lots of free time to explore the city, its culture, the food, and even to hop around Europe on the weekends. My classes are oil painting, renaissance art history, Italian, and international marketing. The coursework is very manageable and the professors are clearly passionate about their lectures. My favorite class is international marketing because I am learning it from the global perspective of my Italian professor. 

My living situation couldn’t be better! I lucked out with my own room in an apartment of four guys. I chose to have random roommates and we all get along great! My apartment is just down the street from a beautiful church called Santa Croce and only a 5 minute walk to my classes. 

My biggest fear of studying abroad was that I am doing this alone. I didn’t plan to study abroad with anyone, my only plan was to make friends as I go. This plan has worked out better than I could have ever imagined. Not only have I made so many friends though my education program CAPA, but I have made countless international friends through social media and at the bars! I have not faced much of a language barrier in Florence because there are so many American students that the locals have become accustomed to speaking English with us. 

On the weekends, I love to travel and make the most out of being alone in Europe! So far, I have visited Denmark, Switzerland, Rome, Pisa, Lucca, and Venice. I have many more trips planned with people that I met along this trip. I am so excited for the adventures that are yet to come and the new perspectives I will undoubtedly gain.