Time Conflicts and Budget Crunches

There are a good amount of differences between the states and Australia, but none of which I have found too challenging to manage. Instead of viewing these differences as a challenge, I see them as an adjustment. For example, one of the biggest issues I have experienced while in Australia is adapting to the time difference. As much as I love being here, I miss talking to my family and friends back home. In Australia, there is a 16 hour time difference from Pennsylvania. Because of this, the times and days can be confusing, and I would often call people at a time that was inconvenient for them. To help manage this, I make sure all of my phone calls are around the same time in the morning each week and carve it out of my schedule. 

Another difference in Australia is that the currency is greater, making food and flights very expensive. At first, I was excited and eager to try all of the different cuisines and travel along the coast. Now, I am extremely cautious of the amount of money I spend and have created a budget on excel to keep track of everything! This is super helpful for when you go on weekend trips, want to try a new restaurant, or do something else that is on your bucket list that requires money. If you intend on studying abroad in Sydney, I would research different activities and places to travel to or reach out to someone that studied abroad in Australia to have an idea of the different costs. This will ultimately help you with your budgeting ahead of time which will be extremely beneficial!

Lastly, the weather is a huge adjustment. Since it is summer time, some days can be extremely hot an in the 90s. Even when the temperature may be a little cooler in the 70s, there are still powerful UV rays. The UV index ranges between 10-14, so it is extremely important to put on sunscreen frequently even if you go for a quick walk outside. 

CAPA is a great study abroad program because you are with a variety of students from the states that may be going through some, if not all of the same challenges as you are! Studying abroad is an adjustment, but being with students from the same area as you makes the journey a lot easier!


Mariah Smith