Mid-semester Reflection

Jessie Lovallo

Jessie LoVallo

Global Business Institute: Sydney

Spring 2023

Hello again! It has been a few weeks since I last posted and I have made lots of memories in new places that I would love to share! For our spring break, we flew to Queenstown, New Zealand for the week. Immediately walking off the plane, I knew this would become one of my favorite places in the world. The mountains were incredible and reminded me of a desktop screensaver because of how fake they appeared. We certainly made the most out of our time in Queenstown by going on various adventures. We took a thrilling jetboat ride through Lake Wakatipu, which gave us a scenic view of the mountains. We took a gondola up a mountain and luged down a track, just like Mario Cart in real life. We went four-wheeling in a buggy through the very terrifying terrain of the mountains which resulted in the most breathtaking views. I got to watch a few of my friend’s bungee jump, and I ziplined upside down! It was an amazing trip and I will hopefully make it back there in the future. 

It is crazy to say that I have reached the halfway point of this semester. The time has flown so fast and I will continue to cherish every second of the remainder of this experience. I have grown so much as a person since being here. It has taught me so many lessons and forced me to become the most independent I have ever been. I have developed so many new skills and improved on others. I have interacted with people of all different backgrounds almost every day, which has taught me so much about cross-cultural communication. It is so important to possess this skill while being here, but also will be beneficial for me anywhere I go. It allows me to converse with any stranger I meet on the street and will be vital when I am in a business environment working with people from different cultures. 

A hard skill I have been working to improve is my writing skills. I have never been a strong writer and have avoided writing situations at all costs, but my time here has forced me to write more. Whether it’s an essay in one of my classes, a blog post, or my own journaling of my experiences while here, I have begun to feel more comfortable in my ability to compose ideas. This skill is very important in all my endeavors in life, even if it is just improving my emails. Tying into this skill is my ability to type has improved immensely as well. I look forward to developing these skills even more as I finish off the second half of my semester. 

It has been the most memorable time here so far. I have had the opportunities to go on crazy adventures I have never done before and have seen myself grow socially and mentally. I feel like I am a stronger person because of this experience and I am so grateful that I get to take these memories and developments with me wherever I go in life. 

I look forward to updating you on my last blog post but I’m wishing the time would slow down! Thank you for reading! 


Jessie Lovallo

Mid-semester Dinner with the CAPA program