My allergies are still a bit rough, but better than the days before. I have been getting more accustomed to my sleep schedule here and I am starting to get comfortable here. My journey about searching for what excites me has yet to come and I am hoping I will find more clues during the 10 day trek. During the day we did the typical scenarios and lessons and nothing interesting really happened during the day. I passed my CPR test as well as my Wilderness Advanced First Aid training test which was something I was low-key just winging. It’s dope though because now I can flex to my friends back home that I am First Aid and CPR certified. I hope I can get to utilize it within the next 2 years before it expires. After class the other day we went on the figure 8 to find some nice spots. Unfortunately, we found nothing cool besides dogs following us and having gang fights. I’m sorry I honestly have nothing interesting to talk about right now, but the hike took like 1.5 hours and I was tired once I got home.

Wilderness Advanced First Aid

Though the whole training was tiring and a lot to process, I thoroughly found it interesting and being able to stay still for countless hours was worth it. I learned a lot of things I probably won’t use in the future, but if I ever do would be extremely worth it. I was quite surprised I was able to stay awake with all the allergies and information. The skills I learned from the Wilderness Advanced First Aid that I feel like I will transfer from the implementation of leadership would be the format of surveying the scene and just going down the list. I also realized improvising would be super important in a real life first aid scenario. During our practice scenarios we are usually paired into pairs and one person would lead. At first it was some pressure leading due to the fear of messing up and potentially not saving the life. I learned that I need confidence and assertiveness when it comes to making important decisions. I feel like that aspect of the training will be useful for me when I enter the corporate world after this trip. During this training I learned to participate more which is weird because I usually never participate. I originally thought we would learn all this outside while hiking instead of the current classroom setting. I am extremely happy it is over now and I am hoping to see what comes in the future. Now that everyone is certified the real journey begins here.