It feels a little weird writing this blog since it will be my last. I just remember cramming these bad boys late at night during the Himalayas, but here I am now in my Pradas from the cleaners (just kidding) eating Korean BBQ every other day for $15 instead of $30 back in America. I am honestly SO SO SO happy to finally eat some burgers too. Oh my… thinking about all the food I desired during the trek in India made me easily gain 5 lbs the first week in Korea.

I have not been truly able to digest what I learned from the experience so far since I came to Korea right away, but the one major change I feel every day would be my gratitude towards life in the small levels. I grew grateful for the small things in life and count my blessings very often now. Having toilets, clean water, food, beds, and many other things put a smile on my face. The one thing I am afraid of is getting back to my lazy routine since I am living so comfortably right now. During the trek I was always waking up early and eager to figure out what the plan was going to be with a mixture of anxiety due to the fear of the unknown. I saw this clip from a podcast saying that people with mundane lives have a hard time waking up in the morning because they can already predict their days since it is so boring. Which I would have to say is my life, but in India it was different because every day was going to be different so it was easier to wake up. I am hoping to create a lifestyle where I am excited to wake up instead of wanting to sleep in.

Some expectations I had prior to the trip was exactly as I imagined it. Conflict within the group as well as cultural differences were truly there. As one of the two POC on the group I felt some cultural differences which is normal growing up in America as an Asian American, but it was more prominent when you spend the whole month with the group. I was happy to be a part of this group and I learned to be patient with people which I was fine with since everyone functions differently.

The growth I experienced through this trip was definitely more of a mental aspect. I learned that I wanted to continue a healthier lifestyle. When I came back home I lost my slight double chin and my brother was so jealous because his double chin multiplied! I learned to be more discipline and whenever I approach a situation I might find too difficult I am constantly thinking about the struggles I went through during the hike. The hardest hiking day we had during the trek was the Snow Biome and I am always referring to that specific moment whenever an obstacle appears. My mindset has changed knowing I completed something only a small percent of American college students have accomplished. The 10 night trekking experience was a true mental battle and a war between perseverance and surrender. I learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. I also grew as an individual through my peers and their upbringings. I learned that the group I accomplished this journey with all came from distinct backgrounds and experiences. Everyone was trying to achieve high remarks in life and made me excited for my future endeavors. When I enter the work field I will be eager to be the best and I crave success now due to knowing how much there is for me out there in the world. I want to continue getting out of my comfort zone and experience the greater things in life and travel and experience the world. That is what will get me out of bed.

1st Picture is me spoiling myself in the mother land

2nd Picture is me talking to me evac partner in crime SIMONE BILES

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