Life As A Londener!

It has been a crazy but rewarding few weeks here in London. During my time so far, I have been exploring the 32 boroughs of this amazing city. What is neat is each borough has such a different feel and is unique to the others. I feel that this is similar to the Pittsburgh neighborhoods like Shadyside to Southside. 

My flat is located near Camden, and I am living with three other students from Pittsburgh as well. The flat is a perfect size for the 4 of us, and it was just renovated before we arrived, with new amenities including a washer and dryer! Our experience in this area has been very fun, we spend a couple nights a week after class trying a new restaurant or thrift store. There is so much just within walking distance and many tube stations, making the city all completely accessible from just outside our doorstep. We have many bus stops around us, similar to Pittsburgh. 

It has been a relatively smooth transition living in a new place. we have only had some small issues with learning how to use a very specific kind of stove, and traveling up about 7 flights of stairs when traveling with suitcases. Now that it is getting warmer, not having air conditioning has forced open all the windows, however we have a lovely view of the Camden area. 

I am taking a class called Shakespeare & London. It has been a really interesting course, and my professor is very lively. We read four plays throughout the 6 weeks: A Midsummer Nights Dream, The Comedy of Errors, Merchant of Venice, and Othello. What I like about this class is we get to see these plays performed at the Globe Theatre every week. Classes at CAPA are 3 hours long, normally twice a week. Even though it may seem like a longer class, the time truly does fly by, as the content is engaging and we get small breaks during the session. 

When I am not in class, I have had the opportunity to travel to the beautiful cities of Amsterdam and Paris on the weekends. Additionally, my roommate and I were able to see the amazing Harry Styles play at Wembley Stadium.

I am excited to see where the last few weeks take me, as I round out my experience. It feels like I have adjusted so well to the London lifestyle! 

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