Embracing the difference

I am entering my third week and halfway point of my program in London; I have experienced work, school, and living in this city in such a short period of time and could not be happier about the adventure I am on. The culture of London is embracing and exciting, there is always something to do and even doing homework in a park is exciting. The characters that populate London are always on the move and work to live, they embrace making memories. The rich historical culture is breathtaking and I am in awe of the city that I have the honor of living in. My class through CEA CAPA is a pop culture literature subject where we discuss the subcultures of Britain and how they affected society. It is one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken and I enjoy the discussions and field trips we take around London to experience hands-on learning. I have different learning experiences at Pitt where the classroom is always the setting and the lectures are more content heavy then discussion based. 

I reside in the Islington neighborhood which is surrounded by multiple different districts that all have their own culture and interesting contributions to the city of London. For example I am a twenty minute walk to Shoreditch which is known for its street art, the neighborhood has amazing food and shopping too! I have an apartment that I share with four other girls all within the same program as me. Although the place is small we do not mind because we all get along and like spending time together. Living in a new city always comes with its challenges and living in a city 3000 miles away from your home is an even more daunting experience. Although scary I think I have adapted quite well and embraced the difference around me. Without embracing what is different about cultures we can not appreciate what they have to offer. I try everyday to do something different for me yet normal for the culture that I have entered. With such a short time being spent in London I feared that I would become comfortable as soon as I was about to leave. In fact that is not the case, by embracing where I am I became comfortable quickly and started to feel at home here.

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