Dublin’s Culture

My time here in Dublin has been passing very fast but I am trying to make the most out of every day. But as my time here in Ireland continues, I have been more able to get assimilated with the culture and the daily lifestyles of the people here. So far, I have really enjoyed my time over here. Working in Dublin has allowed me to gain a different exposure and perspective on Irish culture that I would not have been granted if I would have just visited or studied here. Any culture takes time to assimilate to coming from a different one. Acknowledging the cultural difference and engaging with them has helped me to get assimilated and adapt to Irish culture There are many things that I was able to assimilate very easily and others have been a harder transition.

The Irish humor was something slightly different than what I am used to. The humor is something I enjoy now but it was hard to get assimilate at the beginning. When I first started at my internship, I did not know how to respond to the humor of what was being said to me. From what I have experienced it revolves around sarcasm and is very subtle. For the first week, I was unable to tell if my coworker were joking with me. I didn’t know them very well and it felt strange to me that they were joking with me. This is humor that I am used to outside of the workplace or with my friends so having it at work felt a little weird. I got used to it and it became a lot easier the more I got to know my coworkers and generally people in the country better.

I think another thing that was hard to assimilate with is the usage of the buses. I have a commute of 40 minutes in the morning. Typically, in the United States, I would wake up, get ready and drive to work. This is something I was not used to having to do in my daily life.

Another thing that was different for me was the laid-back culture of working here. I am used to more intense and fast-paced work. At my job on campus, I have so many tasks to complete and most of them build off each other. Even when I have completed everything that has been asked, I am expected to check my emails and do other tasks. With my specific internship, it has a very relaxed work environment. I am normally the first person who arrives at work and the time my coworkers arrive varies each day. The work environment is a lot less intense than I am used to. Sometimes this makes me feel uncomfortable and unguided. There is also an emphasis on relationships between coworkers. Talking and being friendly are very encouraged. My supervisor pushed me and the other intern to be friends so that we would work on projects together more successfully. I am typically given one task during the day to complete. I am expected to spend time on this and make sure I am able to perfect it truly.

Another thing that was hard to assimilate was the flexibility of time. Here in Ireland, there is an emphasis on the importance of leisure time outside of work. This large emphasis on a healthy work-life balance is something I had to assimilate. When taking my lunch break here there is no set time and no set time duration to it. While even working part-time I would work 8 Hour shifts and would be given a 30-minute lunch break and that was it. I have a very relaxed company, so I am unaware if other companies are the same way. But I was told that if I needed to go outside and take a walk or break from work. This is something I was not used to having the option to in the United States. Along with the flexibility of time. Typically for everything I am always 5-15 minutes early. I start my shift when the venue opens typically, I beat all my coworkers and supervisors to work. I grew up in a city, so I am used to a very fast-paced and competitive lifestyle. That my time in Dublin has been an adjustment Adapting to less harsh working hours, longer lunch breaks, and a slower-paced style of working. I am surprised that people are able to come and go from their daily shifts so easily.

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