Dublin Chapter 5: Skills

During my time at Core, I have noticed a progression in both soft and hard skills. One soft skill, or transferable skill, is my communication skills. I have noticed as time has gone on, I have been able to be clearer and more understanding with my messages when communicating with my team. For example, I recently was given a task to reach out to clients about proposed sponsorship deals they sent the team. These proposals were sent about a month ago, so it was necessary to check if they were still available before further pursuing potential buyers. This meant utilizing Outlook to email the clients and utilizing Teams to communicate with my team any responses. Throughout this process, I noticed myself becoming more adaptable to the dialect and the way people message each other in Ireland. This skill of communication among internal employees and external employees I feel will be valuable and transferable in the U.S. This also plays into the soft skill of adaptability. Adaptability is super valuable among companies across the world. Being able to adapt allows you to be versatile in the workforce and useful across multiple functions. With my tasks, I have been adapting to not only the dialect of the internal and external employees but also the nature of the way people work. I’ve noticed at my company that it isn’t as fast paced as I anticipated. This, while a quick adoption, was something I had to get used to. Although I don’t feel these specific adaptions will be considered a soft skill, I do feel the overall sense of adaptability will be. Being able to adapt allowed me to switch up my communication style and nature of work to better involve myself at work and with my co-workers. A hard skill I’ve seen improve was my PowerPoint skills. Additionally, with the project above involving communicating with clients and co-workers, I had to compile all the proposals revolving around the upcoming Women’s World Cup or the Rugby World Cup, and anything summer sports related if it didn’t fall within those two events. To compile all these, I was tasked to create a PowerPoint that could be used to send to potential buyers that would outline key details about the proposal. Key details included the background of the proprietor, any relevant statistics, what the package or deal would include, and the total cost. I was given PowerPoint templates and past PowerPoint presentations to go off of, and I learned a lot of new formatting techniques and ideas to use that I applied to the presentation I made for my team. The PowerPoints they gave me were extremely helpful in the brainstorming process and helped me navigate throughout my creation process. I’ve also seen myself develop new hard skills throughout my internship. Another hard skill that I’ve noticed improved are my Excel skills. A project I had before the client project was using Excel to compile data together for one of the team members. With the upcoming marathon in Dublin, one of the team members asked me to compile relevant data into an Excel sheet to analyze any types of sponsorships used in other marathons across the world. Major marathons I was asked to target were based on the big six (NYC, Berlin, Boston, London, Chicago, and Tokyo). This included marathons in capital cities in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Australia was chosen as a targeted destination due to its scenic landscape and as a result, the popularity of the races. Through this, I noticed a high number of sponsorships in different categories among different continents. For instance, in the U.S. consulting and airline companies account for most of the sponsorships such as Tata consulting services or United Airlines, but in Europe, it’s more based around Automobile and fitness-based companies such as BMW or runner tracker type apps (like Strava), and in Australia, it was based mostly around footwear and rehydration drink types of companies such as Hoka and Gatorade. Throughout this process, I was able to improve my Excel skills and my analytical skills within Excel through the filter feature and other functions within Excel. From there I was then able to organize the data and analyze it to find trends, statistics, and more to share with my team member. This goes to show how throughout my internship, I have been able to improve not only transferable skills I can use in future work endeavors, but also hard, or technical, skills I can build upon. 

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