There are only three weeks left in this internship program, and reflecting on the time here at the internship, I realized that I have learned more about and developed soft skills in terms of management and communication. Even though I don’t think I acquired many hard technique skills because I am doing supply chain, which resides more on the overseeing the process, I grew more on soft skills that are essential in the corporate environment.

Effective communication is one of the soft skills I learned from the internship. Since the company is diverse, German is not a first language of the majority of people working there, and it is especially important to communicate effectively under a language barrier. I observed that people are extremely communicative with each other. We have an open office space where everyone can just talk to each other without getting up or moving anywhere. They would constantly have conversations about the orders, designs, and small meetings throughout the day. It made me realize how important it is to double, triple check for the instruction when I was given a task to prepare an order folder. I had a little miscommunication that I printed out a different part of the order file. Even though it wasn’t a huge mistake, I realized that we didn’t communicate well on what the expected outcome was and should have made it more clear for both of us to work together. Since then, I would make sure to double-check on what I should do with the task, and communicate the unclear instructed part throughout.

I also learned the importance of being detailed and organized in process of reporting delivery to the customs. There are a folder for each order that is detailed documented and needed in order to send out the deliverable. The company keeps all the documents well and accessible for a smooth work.

I just wentback from a weekend trip to Amsterdam. We took the Friday off and flew to Amsterdam at noon then came back around midnight on Sunday. The Monday after, which is today, is insanely brutal, but it was so worth being this tired. We took a canal boat tour on Friday when the weather was nice, and it was so fun to be on the river and learning the history of the city. We got recommendations from our tour guide and ended up trying a few places on the list. I know why people call the Netherlands a country of bikes, because there are more bikes than people on the streets. Bikers in Amsterdam are built different as well.

Next morning, we went to café winkle 43 for their famous apple pie, and let me tell you, it was the best apple pie I have ever got. There was a line in front when it just opened, and everyone got the apple pie. It was so good that I ate the whole thing at 9 in the morning when I’m not a breakfast person. We then went to Anne Frank’s house/museum. We bought the tickets before and read her diary before going to Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish reading it before visiting, but it was really cool to tour the actual house and see all the pictures of her family. Though, seeing their pictures made my heart sink and hit me that all the terrible things happened to them. After Anne Frank tour, we went to the Rijksmuseum and saw Van Gogh’s self-portrait and a bunch of cool stuff than I don’t really know the names because I’m just not an artistic person. Honestly, I was so tired that I couldn’t remember everything and my legs were sour from all the walking and the journey to find Van Gogh’s self-portrait, which took us probably more than 40 minutes. We then went to a restaurant recommended by our boat tour guide for good ribs and ended the night with a full stomach and fun.

On Sunday, we went to a sandwich place called zero zero, and the sandwiches were giant and delicious. We didn’t really have specific plans for the day and had to fly back to Berlin at night, so we just roamed around the streets and got gelato along the way. Our flight was going to be delayed for 2 hours, which could’ve been my last straw because of how tired I was but it ended up getting delayed for half an hour,

so it wasn’t too bad. We got back to Berlin at midnight and got back to the hotel at 1am. Sunday scares got the worst of me just thinking of getting up at 6:30am and getting to work at 8am the next day.

Amsterdam trip was so worth it and very much needed tho. I’m really happy that we went and had so much fun. I think Amsterdam is now one of my favorite cities and will be back for sure!!

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