Off to Amsterdam


This week I felt as though I developed a lot, both personally and professionally. At the beginning of the week, I started by making many posts for our website. I added all of the different events that we had scheduled for July and sent out an email reminder of the event we had going on at the end of the week. I have gotten reasonably good at making these posts and feel confident when I am required to do so at this point. I had never worked with the platform that we use before, so it took me a little time to get comfortable, but after many weeks had passed, I became very knowledgeable about the site. I enjoy learning new platforms and seeing what different companies or people use. I find that I can learn a lot of good information about different sites from people that already have experience using each one. Additionally, I like to ask people what specific features they like about the site and why they use that specific one over another. 

 Besides that, we went into our third round of Meta Ads testing, and everything has been going well. We finally figured out which text worked out the best, and it was finally time to make minor adjustments to our graphic. We did not want to change the graphic up too much, so we only made one change in each of the different tests we had running. This was so that we could quickly figure out which parts of the graphic were making the most significant impact on our audience. I was thrilled when Lisa initially told me that she wanted to launch a Meta ad campaign while I was interning. I have heard a lot about them in different classes but have never actually been able to work on one myself. This has helped me develop some hard skills regarding the platform, like A/B testing, dynamic testing, and overall, what does well and what does not. 

On Wednesday this week, while I was at the community lunch, I got to talk to many other individuals that are working in marketing. During this time, I asked them about all of the different platforms that they use and got to chat about different marketing strategies. I have noticed that talking to all different types of people from various backgrounds has helped me to improve my soft skills. It has made me more confident in asking people about the work that they are doing and just building relationships with people in general. 

The week was relatively short because I decided to use one of my vacation days to take off on Friday and travel to Amsterdam! We all decided to fly because the train ride was quite long, and we wanted to maximize the amount of time spent there. Getting to the airport was a pretty long journey, but after we arrived, everything went very smoothly. We hopped on the plane, and only an hour later, we landed in Amsterdam.

We first checked into our hostel, which turned out to be way more excellent than any of us were expecting. The first thing I noticed, other than how different Amsterdam is from Berlin, was that there were so many bikes! Almost everyone there gets around by riding on bikes, and anywhere you look, you are sure to see bikes parked along the side of the road. Amsterdam is much smaller than Berlin, so we didn’t bother getting a train ticket and just planned to walk anywhere we wished to go. We had scheduled a boat tour that took us all around Amsterdam, and the tour guide gave us many recommendations for places that we had to check out. 

On Friday night, we walked around the famous red-light district, which was interesting. I knew that I wanted to see the Anne Frank House, but we heard that it sells out almost two weeks in advance, so we were sure to get tickets early. On Saturday, we went to see the Anne Frank House, and it was heartbreaking but also very interesting to learn about. They were not kidding about tickets selling out either because many people were trying to buy tickets for the day and were immediately turned away. 

After that, we walked all around Amsterdam and went to a little section of the city called Jordaan. There were a ton of little vendors and artists selling their homemade works, and I ended up getting a small souvenir from one of the local artists. It reminded me a lot of the Berlin Flea markets that we have been going to every weekend. 

On Sunday, we just roamed around Amsterdam, exploring the different neighborhoods until it was time to go home. Our flight was delayed, but only by a little, and by the time we got home, we were all exhausted. It was a great weekend, and I cannot wait to see what this week will consist of.

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