Prague Trip!

Over the weekend I took a trip to Prague. My train was at 7am on Friday morning and I was supposed to get to Prague at 11:30. There were issues with the train, but at this point I am not surprised. The train was overbooked by at least 100 people. The hallways were filled with people that you could not move from your seat. When we got to Dresden, everyone who did not reserve a seat had to get off the train. We had to get on the next train that was supposed to be coming at 11:15, but it was delayed by an hour. By the time we got to Prague it was 3pm. Our 4.5 hour travel day turned out to be over 8 hours instead.

Other than the train problems, I had a great time in Prague. It is such a beautiful city. Friday we walked around the city for a while and got dinner. We ended up going back to the hotel early to sleep because we had such a long day of traveling. Saturday we had a tour of the Prague Castle and area around it. The castle is up on top of a hill overlooking the rest of the city. It was very pretty to see the city from up there. After the castle tour we booked a walking tour of the city. We were actually supposed to do the walking tour on Friday at 3 but we missed it because of the train problems. The tour took us all over the city and pointed out things I would have not seen otherwise. I also learned a lot of new things from the tour. I did not know that Budweiser is not an American brand. It is actually from The Czech Republic. We met some people on the tour that we ended up getting dinner and drinks with afterwards. Three of the guys were from Canada and just finished up college. The one girl is from Oregon and the other girl is from New York City and now has been living in Paris the past year. The girl that lives in Paris was giving us recommendations on what we should do and see there because we are going next weekend. We went to a restaurant that the tour guide recommended. It was traditional Czech food and it was very good. We got a sausage platter and fried cheese with potatoes. Later that night we did a boat tour to see the city lit up at night. On Sunday we just walked around more trying to find things we did not see yet. We hung out at a restaurant near our hotel while we were waiting to go to the train station to go home.

At my internship this week I continued on the project I have been working on. I made little additions throughout the week. I did not have any major components to work on since it is practically done. I did some design aspects for it to make it cohesive. I am hoping this project is done next week because I would like to do something bigger.

For my job back at home, I work at a gymnastics place. I am in instructor for summer camps, birthday parties, and open gyms. I sometimes am a substitute for classes as well. I am in charge of making a lesson plan and supervising the kids. I also help spot them for skills and encourage them to try new skills. With this job, there is a lot of leadership involved because I am responsible for the kids. It is important that I give them clear instructions so that no one gets hurt. When I work the summer camps, birthday parties, and open gyms, I am working with another person as well. We make a plan and work with each other to ensure the kids are having a good time and safe. Communication and collaboration is very important in the gym.

At my internship, my supervisor is the leader for the Data Automation team. The team is 4 people including him. They all have different roles. I think my supervisor is a strong leader with giving out tasks to the team. From observing his communication style, I have learned how I want to evolve as a leader. I think sometimes his communication is not conducted very well. When I am working with him and one of the other team members, they seem to be on different pages of what I should do next. I want to make sure when I am supervising people and working with a team that we all are on the same page.

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