Skills in Spain


It has been just over a month here in Spain, and today I will be sharing some of the skills I am developing during my international internship. This experience has been instrumental in enhancing my soft skills related to business, and overall, I can feel myself growing, maturing, and learning every day.

To begin, let’s discuss the skills I am developing in my internship. Firstly, I believe my communication skills have seen the most significant improvement. Not only am I consistently able to convey problems or updates to my supervisors in a second language, but I am also adept at communicating with the technicians I work with. For instance, it is quite common for me to visit an apartment during the day to meet a technician and effectively communicate the problem to them while simultaneously conversing with my supervisor through WhatsApp. Just yesterday, I had to coordinate with a repair technician tasked with fixing a washing machine. He explained all the issues, and it was my responsibility to ensure that my supervisor understood the situation as well. This challenge has proven to be demanding but rewarding, fostering the development of my communication skills.

Another skill that I have honed is time management. On occasions, my supervisor assigns me multiple tasks throughout the day, each with a specific timeframe for meeting someone at a designated apartment. It falls upon me to determine the most efficient route to various locations and manage my time wisely to ensure punctuality while completing all my assigned duties. Furthermore, outside the office, I have also improved my time management in my personal life. Despite working 45 hours a week, I still strive to allocate time for friends, exercise, hobbies, reading, and relaxation. Though managing everything has been challenging, I can feel myself improving and successfully prioritizing important aspects, an essential strategy for effective time management.

Additionally, my customer service and interpersonal skills have witnessed notable enhancements. Having already acquired a solid customer service skill set from my three years of experience as a waiter, I find that dealing with clients in their homes and ensuring a smooth experience presents a more intimate and distinct challenge. However, it has been an incredibly valuable experience. Moreover, my interpersonal skills have flourished while interacting with tenants, technicians, and colleagues. For example, since many tenants are foreign students, not all of them speak Spanish. Hence, it becomes my responsibility to liaise with the technician and then relay the information to the tenants. Although this can be tiring and demanding, it provides excellent practice for sharpening interpersonal skills.

My adaptability has also improved. Being in a new culture and new work environment forces me to adapt to many norms outside my experience. This has allowed me to develop the ability to quickly adapt and make sure I understand. There is value in being able to adapt and be flexible, especially within the work environment.

In terms of hard business skills, I am confident that I have gained a wealth of knowledge about property management. I have learned to consider various aspects that people often overlook when assessing a property or contemplating entering the rental business. Throughout my time here, I have discovered the pertinent questions to ask before investing in a new property, the necessary revisions to be made before, during, and after a tenant’s occupancy, and the multitude of unforeseen challenges that may arise while managing properties at scale.

Overall, I firmly believe that the skills I am developing during this internship will prove valuable in any future opportunity or job. I am particularly confident in the improvement of my Spanish language proficiency, which will undoubtedly boost my confidence in various settings. This experience has been transformative, providing me with a robust skill set that I can apply to diverse professional endeavors.

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