Looking back at London

In my opinion summing up my program experience would be extremely difficult. Everyday was different and taught me something new about the world around me and myself. In one aspect of my classes, I learned about the pop culture of Britain and how London culture has affected the rest of the societal world. I was given insight on cultural intelligence and how although my culture may differ from where I studied neither one is wrong. In my internship I learned about teamwork and communication in a professional environment. But most profoundly the experience of living in a foreign country has forever taught me so much as well as changed me. I have grown into an adventurous individual that had a professional and academic experience that was rare and specific to me. After the 6 weeks in London I see the world on a larger scale, a scale that goes beyond my college or my hometown. I am appreciative of the experience and how I have grown as a human being, although it was short it has affected me for the rest of my life. 

I have taken away individual growth as well as academic; Pitt Business produces capable and professional graduates that have a deep understanding of the business world around us. By giving me the opportunity to study abroad I have improved my understanding of the world and the people who occupy it and therefore improved who I am as a student and professional. Through these inspiring few weeks I encountered challenging situations that taught me individual problem solving which I will take with me for the rest of my college career. Thus far in my education I have not had the opportunity to network and work in the field I am studying. Through my study abroad experience I was constantly meeting new people that gave me advice and could help me in my future career whether that be internationally or at the Pitt Business school. 

Looking back at my time in London, it was the next experience I could have asked for. Personally I made friends and grew as a human being that now has a deep understanding of cultural intelligence and the world around me. Professionally I solved problems daily and networked to further my education at Pitt Business and further my future career. I am forever grateful for my time spent in London and will truly never be the same.

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