Pitt Athletics

The largest business opportunity I see for college sports in general is to promote sports other than football. As the gobankingrates article stated, college football brings in more money than the next 35 college sports combined. Additionally, football makes almost 4 times as much revenue as basketball, the second highest revenue-producing sport. So, the marketing team could offer promos for some less popular sports, like soccer, baseball or volleyball. Doing a promo like a free shirt or free admission would hopefully convince more students to go to the games and would result in more revenue from the less popular sports. These promos could also help the Athletic department bring in revenue while football is not in season.  

The largest threat I see to Pitt Athletics is professional sports. Pittsburgh is a city with very prevalent professional sports, and people are very serious about their teams. So, if professional sports games overlap with college games, a lot of people would choose to watch the professional game, which would hurt Pitt Athletics viewership and revenue. For instance, once the college season is over, the NFL starts playing games on Saturdays. If they were ever allowed to play games on Saturdays during the college season, it would be detrimental to College Football. 

As a perspective finance major, I feel like I could gain experience by working in the ticket office. It would be very useful to learn about how tickets are priced based on location and determine how effective that is. I would also be interested to look into how student tickets are sold and see whether the season passes are the most financially effective option. 

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