Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise

on is a very popular website that acts as a social entrepreneurship. This organization gives the general populous a platform in which to voice their opinions that they would otherwise not be able to share. It acts as a way for many people to come together and enact a change that they alone could not undertake. An advantage of this type of venture is that it has the capability to pull in many people to use their services for creating change. A disadvantage is that there are also many other ways to create change and voice opinions, and this is just one of them. 

Ecosia is a social enterprise that has a focus on helping the battle against the warming climate. It acts as an alternative to the main search engines such as google or bing. Although it is pulling in its own revenue through customer use and ads, it also has the promise that for every search conducted one tree gets planted. An advantage of ecosia is that it has a good mission that would appeal to many customers of helping the environment. A disadvantage of this organization is that many people are very committed and comfortable with one of the main search engines and it may be hard for them to switch and learn a new one.

Since I am interested in data analytics, a social enterprise approach would be quite interesting to get involved with. Especially in the context of working towards a value, it would be very fascinating to analyze what specifically is drawing people in and creating revenue while also working towards the desired value.

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