Croke Park Challenges and Opportunities

One opportunity for Croke Park, or the Gaelic Athletic Association in general, would be to capitalize on social media’s popularity to increase the standing of sports such as Irish Football and Hurling around the world, and increase game attendance in Ireland among younger generations. Irish Football is played in places outside of Ireland where there are large populations of people with Irish ancestry, such as New York City and London. However, many people from these places do not know that their region has an Irish Football team. Croke Park could use social media to reach out to these communities and encourage them to travel to the stadium in order to cheer their team on, or just enjoy the sport.  

One commercial challenge that Croke Park faces is its use year-round. The majority of its high attendance events are the national championship games for Irish Football and Hurling, when these games are not going on, it is hard to fill as 82,000 seats. With high upkeep costs (such as spending £12,000 per lawnmower) Croke Park loses money on low attendance events.  

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