Galway and the cliffs

When we first arrived at the cliffs, I was impressed with the view, but a little disappointed because there were huge crowds and larges fences blocking the edges of the cliffs from view. However, after we walked a little way away from the visitor center, we went to a point where there were less people and there were no more fences. That part was the highlight for me. We were able to walk to the edge, look down, and take pictures. I really enjoyed the entire walk, but I would have liked to go further along the trail to see the rest of the views. 

Since we were only in Galway for around two hours, it is difficult to say for sure if it is a good fit for Shareclub to expand. However, I saw a lot of people walking around and at different coffee shops, so there is definitely a market that Shareclub could enter in Galway. 

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