American and Irish Culture

During my time in Ireland, I have noticed many differences between American and Irish culture. For starters, we learned that it is rude to show up to a place early, rather, they prefer that you are on time or even a little late. This is a major difference that I have noticed because in America, being early is punctual, and here it is considered to be rude. Another difference that I have noticed is that everyone is very accommodating, relaxed, and understanding. There have been multiple mishaps and changes to our schedules, but all of our guest speakers and professors are extremely understanding. In America, people do not always handle sudden changes very well, and it can cause chaos. The reason for all of these differences was explained to us by almost everyone we have spoken to. They explained that because the English had control over Ireland for so long, they strive to act as the opposite of them. The English’s mannerisms were demanding, controlling, and power hungry. The new Ireland is going to be just the opposite. 

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