My internship experience in Paris was an amazing time in my life both professionally and personally. Throughout my time there, I had the chance to see many new things, meet new friends and connections, as well as develop my professional skills. My experience was unique compared to many others who have taken the same program yet I would not change it for anything. It was unique in the fact that not only did my first internship at les Coulisses du Chef get canceled due to my supervisor’s medical issues, two days after this my homestay had been canceled for similar reasons. This was quite a shock to both me and to EUSA, who had never seen this kind of thing happen. Initially, I was quite emotional with everything as I would have to face adapting to a new environment once again, but despite everything I managed to bounce back and continue my internship with Pari-Grandir, a bilingual daycare. At les Coulisses du Chef I was both translator and interpreter, working with Chef Olivier Berté. I helped translate recipes and emails as well as interpreting during his cooking courses with English speaking clients. While my time there was short it was a good introduction to France, an amazing internship, and I wish him the best. During my time at Pari-Grandir, run by Lucianne Benedetti, I worked as a camp counselor and translator. While most of my day consisted of supervising the children, planning/preparing activities, and organization, I had many translation projects to work on such as the yearly pricing guide and handbook for the other Pari-Grandir centers as well as a pedagogical analysis project from Pari-Grandir. To say that I gained or improved many valuable skills would be an understatement. Academically, I can hear a lot of growth with my French skills. I see myself speaking more calmly and finding the words is much easier to do now thanks to having the chance to live surrounded by the language. For my professional growth, I was able to gain a better understanding of a translator’s job. Thankfully, I loved the work I did and so this internship has helped me solidify my career goals. It was also able to give me experience working outside of my comfort zone with complex texts and changing job tasks. Some skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, social and emotional growth, as well as professionalism and work ethic were my EUSA skill growth objectives. I’m happy to say I believe that I have developed in every category. I now feel better capable of handling myself professionally in a new environment, and not be afraid to ask for work, as well as thinking critically about current and future tasks in order to be the most efficient. On a personal level, I feel very excited that I was able to experience a new culture and work there for so long. There are a multitude of takeaways from this program that will benefit me for the future. Number one is adaptability, given my unique experience with my internship and housing. There are times that you’ll be in situations where things change very quickly and you have to get used to it. Sudden change is scary but for me I’ve learned it’s important to look on the brighter side of things, go with the flow, and think about the new opportunities you’re about to discover. Another takeaway of mine is the appreciation of other cultures. I have already enjoyed learning about other cultures but being able to experience it firsthand is like no other. Being around different people and new ideas is the best way to expand one’s worldview.. Enjoying your free time is also another thing I found to be incredibly important to remember while I was there. The French work hard during their day but enjoy taking time to genuinely relax and enjoy their time in peace. Having time to relax also helped in motivating me to get assignments and internship work completed so as to enjoy it without having to worry about anything. In my future career, as I am hoping to become a translator, this experience has fully helped me with job experience, a better outlook on my future career, as well as an improvement to my language skills. Being able to have that role of translator for important documents helped immensely with my French as well. I would highly recommend this program to other prospective students with the advice that you should be prepared to be uncomfortable at times, as this is a stressful experience but to enjoy make the most of your internship experience in every way possible