Arrividerci, Firenze!

Here is my parting vlog post to briefly summarize my time in Italy. Arrividerci translates to “until next time” ;).

Auf Wiedersehen, Wien!

When I first arrived in Vienna on September 7th, it was a warm sunny day. We had several weeks of nice weather until Summer officially came to a close in late September. Then, the leaves on the trees began to change colors, and the Fall season was in full swing. Now, as I sit here…

Concluding my Time in Vienna

Wrapping up my semester abroad with a video compilation of some of the most beautiful places I’ve been so far!

Note to Self

To my pre-departure self, You don’t know if yet, but you are about to move to one of the most beautiful, culturally rich, and meaningful countries in the world (well, in your opinion at least). Three months of studying abroad might sound like a lot of time to you now, but trust me, it’s nothing….

Note to my past self

Dear past self, I know you are feeling a wide range of emotions pre-departure. You’re nervous, anxious, excited, curious, and much more. You have spent so much time imagining yourself living abroad and living through a variety of different situations. What I can tell you now is that no matter how many scenarios you have…

A Letter to My Pre-Departure Self

As my time abroad comes to an end, I’ve been fortunate enough to reflect on all the different ways that I’ve grown within the last few months. Studying in Vienna has provided an immense amount of opportunities that I will look back on fondly. Experiencing a different education style has broadened my perspective with a…

Making Progress

With only about a month left to my semester abroad, it seems an appropriate time to sit down and reflect upon the progress of my personal goals. Before arriving to Vienna, it was a goal of mine to not only develop several professional skills through this semester abroad, but to also learn and grow as…

Into the Home Stretch

Living, studying, and working in a foreign country is guaranteed to give you a new set of skills that you can’t get anywhere else. Everyday I challenge myself to get better at something or learn something whether it is practicing my Italian, being more outgoing, finding a new street, or learning something in my internship….

Lessons Learned in London

This program has brought about many opportunities to grow and stretch beyond my comfort zone. With that, I’ve honed skills that will come in handy when entering the workforce post-graduation. Living in a foreign country is a challenge, meeting new people and living with individuals from all over the United States encouraged me to become more adaptable…