Auf Wiedersehen, Wien!

When I first arrived in Vienna on September 7th, it was a warm sunny day. We had several weeks of nice weather until Summer officially came to a close in late September. Then, the leaves on the trees began to change colors, and the Fall season was in full swing. Now, as I sit here writing my last blog post, it is Winter time. With each passing season, I saw Vienna change, not only physically before my eyes but also metaphorically. Once a brand new city with brand new sights to see, it is now a very familiar place to me, a place that has provided me with so many memories, lessons, and experiences.

This semester abroad has taught me that I am capable of many things that I would not have known about had I not decided to study abroad for a semester. Personally, this experience has showed me that I am able to quickly adapt to my surroundings and that I am comfortable with navigating a new terrain on my own, skills that I’m sure will serve me well in the future. Academically, being in Vienna has allowed me to practice my inter communication skills with people from all over the world- a crucial part of my focus as a global management major. I believe the skills that I have developed here can directly be applied to the remainder of my academic endeavors at Pitt, as my experiences have allowed me to enrich my prior knowledge and will provide me with a new perspective through which to interpret and apply new knowledge. I am excited to share my experiences with my classmates at Pitt and to advocate for studying abroad- an experience I would recommend to any student looking into it!

Above all, my semester abroad has taught me that the world has so much to offer, and that we will never know what opportunities are waiting for us until we start a new journey. I am beyond grateful for such an incredible experience abroad- it was a journey I will never forget, and a journey that has inspired me to take many more in the future!