Lexi in London


Hello everyone! My name is Lexi Shanahan and I will be a junior this upcoming fall. I currently attend the University of Pittsburgh in the College of Business Administration and I am a Marketing major with a certificate in Digital Media. I am from West Chester, Pennsylvania.

This summer I am spending six weeks in London. In London, I will have an internship and take a literature course. I chose to travel to London this summer because of all of the opportunities that it holds. I plan on traveling to several destinations outside of the country, and I could not be more excited. As of right now, I plan to travel to Paris and Dublin. Also, several of my close friends are also going to London, so I cannot wait to live and travel with them.

I am worried about the commute to and from work and my class, and getting used to using the Tube to travel.

Fun Facts about me:

  • I have been to 26 states.
  • I have never been to Europe.
  • I love taking pictures

Cannot wait to see what these six weeks have in store for me!

Talk to you soon,

Lexi Shanahan 🙂