Cyprus Awaits

Hi! My name is Kristen Sokoloski and I am a rising senior in the College of Business Administration. I am pursuing a degree in Marketing as well as a certificate in Conceptual Foundations of Medicine. I am from Scranton, Pennsylvania which is located about 5 hours diagonal across the state in Northeastern region. A fun fact about me is that I have babysat for over 15 families in Pittsburgh since the beginning of my freshman year! I chose Pitt in Cyprus because while I do have dreams of traveling much of the world, I thought that I wouldn’t necessarily chose to visit Cyprus on my own without the guidance of Pitt. I also chose this program because beaches are my happy place and the coastal atmosphere of Cyprus is something I am really looking forward to enjoying! I also am very excited to explore the country, cuisine and all-around culture. I enjoy fresh food and am very excited to try the authentic dishes of the Cyprus. I will be staying on the Greek side of the country and I am aiming to learn some of Greek language. The classes I will be taking are both in the sociology department; Wealth & Power and Peace Movements. Under the direction of Pitt’s own Dr. Epitropoulos, I will be learning about social statuses and stratifications in Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and the global political economy as well as historic conflicts in the Aegean region. I am somewhat worried about the 10 hour flight since I don’t particularly like flying for that long… but I hope I can catch up on some sleep then!


Until next time!