Anest In Berlin Pre-Departure

Hello everyone, my name is Anest Lako and I will be traveling to Berlin, Germany for an internship program. I currently attend the University of Pittsburgh and am enrolled in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences along with the College of Business Administration as a Economics and Business dual major. I am a rising junior and am from Rochester, New York. I decided to study abroad to enhance my college experience and do something outside the box. My family is from Albania so I have had some experience with the European culture, but the only time I have been to Europe was when I was 2 years old so I obviously do not remember anything. The other times I have been outside the country have been for vacationing purposes in the Dominican Republic and Cancun. Being that I am the first person out of all my family members to do a study abroad program, I am excited to share my experiences while I travel and compare how different life is overseas. I’ll be leaving in 2 days and cannot wait!