Arriving in Germany


My name is Enio Tozzi and I am completing a three-month study abroad/internship in Berlin, Germany this Summer with Pitt’s International Internship Program.  I recently finished my sophomore year as an accounting major, and I chose this program to gain valuable professional experience in a global setting. I have taken German courses since middle school, so I look forward to finally applying my German skills.  As this will be the first time in a foreign country for more than a week, I expect some challenges acclimating to a brand-new environment.  Life in Berlin will hopefully push me to adapt to my surroundings, which is something that will help me tremendously for the future.

For the next couple months, I will be interning at Springtech Partners in the e-commerce division.  This area interests me greatly because of how up to date and relevant such a topic is in today’s business world.  With locations in both Berlin and Miami, they help build start-up companies through investing, founding and co-founding.  I am extremely excited for the opportunity to increase my knowledge as a business student during the internship.

In the following weeks, I will be writing about my experiences with the internship and life in Berlin.

Bis später!

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