GBI- London Vincent Vallorani

Here it Goes Again

Hello and welcome, my name is Vincent Vallorani and over my time in London this blog will be a place for me to unload my thoughts and record my experiences overseas. I would like to start by thanking the Tafel foundation for helping fund my adventure to Europe and allowing me to see the world.

A little bit about myself,

I am from a small town in Southeast Pennsylvania called Kennett Square. Kennett is better known as the mushroom capital of the world. Kennett for its long history has been a major supplier of mushrooms to the entirety of the United States and the globe. My father owns and operates Vallorani Mushrooms, a place I have worked since I was a child. Working on my fathers farm has been both a blessing and a curse. I have learned firsthand the value of handwork and the results of long-term dedication, however I have not been able to experience the world at large. My community in Kennett Square is a small, close knit community not far from Philadelphia but throughout my life I have not had exposure to the diversity outside of my community nor an understanding of global culture.

I am extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom and undertake in an internship with the Turkish Cypriot Community Association. I hope to gain valuable knowledge participating in the financial world and immerse myself in the global business community.

I am staying in Camden Town, an “alternative” neighborhood that also happens to be a very popular tourist destination. I am looking forward to visiting English markets and as many museums and cultural attractions that I can.

Hope to see you soon!