Slowly but Surely

Hey guys

So I have been in Montevideo for a week now, and it is coming along slowly but surely. It was kind of shocking and overwhelming at first, due to the fact that not many people speak English. I wish that I would have taken a Spanish class or lessons before coming abroad as it has been very challenging.

I am living in a hotel that was chosen by the Universidad de Montevideo and works closely with them. I have a roommate Zach who is from Chicago, and he also attends the University of Pittsburgh. I had only met for like an hour before arriving in Montevideo, at our pre-departure meeting.  His Spanish is a lot better than mine and he has been a life saver at times. Our hotel room is pretty nice as we have a small kitchen to cook in, and also have our own separate rooms. It was definitely better than I had expected, although I do wish they gym in the hotel was a little better.

The University has a small-like community college feel to it, with our global supply class having about 20 students in it. The class is taught in English, and the majority of our classmates speak English fairly well. We have class every day from 2:00 to 5:30, and usually have two breaks in there as well. The class is definitely a lot different from Pitt, as we have a new professor every 2-3 days, that teaches us a new subject. Also the class incorporates 4 site visits where we go and visit local companies where they give us a tour, and explain to us their day to day operations, and also the challenges they face.

So their has definitely been a learning curve that I had to adjust to, but I will not let that stop me from getting the most out this experience that I can. Our local Uruguayan buddy Florencia, has been great at showing us around, and taking us on tours of Montevideo, as well as trips of the must-dos and sees of Uruguay. As well as the other students in our class, they have been very helpful also in integrating us into their culture.

I will be giving you guys another update very soon, but until then Ciao, Gracias!

Cory Williams