First Days in London

Update: I’ve made it to London!

I’ve been here for 3 days, and already I’ve begun to have an incredible time. LisR03I live in an area of London called Camden Town. Camden is about a 35 minute tube ride from CAPA (my university here) which is in Kennsington. While this may sound far, London is actually surprisingly accessible. The Underground can get you literally anywhere and once you get used to it, it’s easy to use. LisR02However, Camden is an amazing area of town on its own. The Camden Market is probably the biggest attraction, and it’s filled with a variety of food and shopping options.

My flat is fairly large. I live with 2 other girls from different universities, and we have one bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen and living room area. Our flat is about a 3 minute walk to the Camden tube station, which makes it easy to explore other areas outside of Camden. I personally love our flat; it is definitely nicer than my off campus apartment in Pittsburgh! All around, the living situation is very similar to what you would experience in any apartment in a city. \LisR05There’s always something going on outside, and the area is never quiet. The biggest differences I’ve noticed are the appliances and figuring out how to use them. The microwave works a bit differently, and the oven is a gas oven unlike most electric ovens in America. In addition, we have no dryer for our clothes so we have to use clothing racks to dry them. However, none of these issues are anything I can’t adapt to. The last 3 days have been full of constant excitement and I’m looking forward to starting classes next week.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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