Blogpost Nummer Zwei!

I was having trouble deciding what to write about because, just in the short two weeks I have been here, I have been exposed to a wide variety of experiences. Time here seems to be flying, and the more I’m here I continue to realize the inumerous things that are yet to be explored.

During these first two weeks, aside from the jet lag, we had orientation and the beginning of our internships. I am working at  Ellis Williams Architects (EWA). Everyone there has been extremely nice and accommodating to my lack of German language skills. After brief introductions, it was right to work. EWA’s Berlin branch is a small team, so my position there is very integrated. The first task my supervisor assigned to me was not really something I had much prior knowledge of. I let him know, but also assured him that I would research as I work through the task. At first I got a bit discouraged because I just felt as if I was doing things all wrong since it was new to me. As time went on I realized it was not an easy task in general, and it is meant to take time. My coworker beside me was working on the same task for another project. When he told me the struggles that he faces in this part of the design phase, I noticed it was similar to what my own difficulties. From then on, I realized I am not where my coworkers are in this discipline. I am still a student and as a student I will continue to learn as much as I can from my surroundings and just make sure I am giving my best effort. As the week went on, I was still struggling with the task, but I was much more invested because I was not getting down on myself. If it didn’t work, I would start over and try again. I am actually pretty excited to try more options out tomorrow.

Aside from work, I have done a little sight-seeing while here. Today, I went to one of the coolest places, which was actually suggested to me by my boss. It is called The Haus, it is an abandoned bank building that is schedule for demolition at the end of May. The Haus is a project that was created knowing that it would be temporary. Over 150 artists from Berlin and around the world came together to create unique art installations in the 108 rooms of the building. The art extended beyond the rooms as practically every inch of the structure was covered in these artists’ work. Every moment I spent in that building I was absolutely mesmerized by the pieces. I would have loved to share some photos along with this post, but actually photography weren’t allowed inside the building. All of those factors, play into their concept, “Everything will disappear and the only places where The Haus will live on in our memories”. Knowing all of this, you really experience the art differently, which is what they’d hope for. I am really glad I was able to experience this masterpiece.