Political Effects in M&A

As I’ve been given more and more tasks to complete at my internship, I’ve started to learn more and more about the industry in which my company operates. ONE to ONE Corporate Finance is in the mergers and acquisitions industry meaning that they advise business owners during the sale of their company as well as help investors find potential investment opportunities. As an intern in the marketing department, one of my jobs is to research current events and news stories in the industry and create a list of social media posts for the company’s accounts. As I was doing my research into potential articles and stories I noticed that there was some patterns that appeared. One of these being that many inferences were drawn between global markets and the political climate in the United States. Many of the articles referenced the Trump administration and how the actions of the United States could potentially affect things overseas from the value of the Euro to increased fluctuations in M&A activity in various countries. Coming at this from an American perspective has been quite interesting since for a lot of people in the US, the political climate is a very sensitive subject that people either tiptoe around or have very strong opinions about. As someone who isn’t particularly passionate or involved in politics, it has come as a bit of a surprise that there are so many people in other countries that pay such close attention to the politics of the United States. It definitely adds a bit of perspective regarding the cultural differences between different countries and how the actions of a single country can impact so many different industries worldwide.